Uncovering Jeff Brown's 5g Stock Pick As “The #1 Tech Stock ...

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Emma Walsh here, managing editor of the Diary. Regular Journal readers understand that tech isn't our usual beat. And when it comes to tech investing, we leave it to the experts. Fortunately, we have numerous such experts in our Rolodex. Our colleague Jeff Brown will be familiar to our longtime readers.

In fact, he had a number of triple-digit returns in his Brownstone Research portfolios last year. Here's what Jeff thinks the tech sector will bring us in 2021 Each year, I like to have a look at the big photo and anticipate what's simply around the corner. Longtime readers of my work know that I follow the most amazing tech trends on the verge of mass adoption.


These trends are experiencing exponential growth and producing unbelievable chances for financiers. I wish to make certain all our readers are prepared for what's next. And with that in mind, let me draw the photo of what I see coming in the next 12 months 1. 5G Devices Our new 5G (fifth-generation) wireless networks are a topic I have actually been covering for years now.

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic interfered with supply chains last year, a remarkable 250 million 5G-enabled devices were still offered. Especially in the second quarter, there were supply chain disruptions, making hold-ups, and work stoppages. And all of this eventually caused Apple postponing the release of the 5G-enabled i, Phone 12 by two months.

When you consider all of that, offering 250 million systems is amazing. More significantly, the delays triggered by the pandemic produced a ton of bottled-up demand. Which demand is now going to be pressed into 2021. In fact, I forecast that more than 500 million 5G devices will be delivered in 2021.

Phase 3 of 5G When I have actually discussed 5G in the past, I've described its 3 different stages. In Stage One, the infrastructure of these new networks is developed out, consisting of all the new towers and fiber-optic wiring that 5G will need. In Phase 2, 5G devices go on sale.

And in Phase 3, 5G services start to be offered. That's when we begin to see applications running on 5G networks. And my second 5G forecast for 2021 is that we will begin Phase Three by this summertime.

However they will care if there are amazing applications that can just be accessed with a 5G phone. So increasingly more consumers will go out to buy a 5G phone to access these applications. That results in more 5G apps being established. In truth, 5G is going to open a suite of extraordinary applications: self-driving cars, the Web of Things, robotic surgical treatment, and more.

The financial investment opportunities going forward will be enormous. CRISPR Genetic Modifying Stepping away from 5G, the next essential innovation I predict in 2021 is CRISPR hereditary editing. It's one of the most interesting advancements in biotechnology.